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Entegris and Kuhner Shaker: Orbital Shaken Bioreactors and Single-Use Bags

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Entegris and Kuhner Shaker: Orbital Shaken Bioreactors and Single-Use Bags

Entegris is proud to collaborate with Kuhner Shaker in the development of a 2500L single-use bag that could exceed their complex requirements while meeting their production needs at scale. Delivering a reproducible product every time, with the ability for specialized applications across scales is what Entegris does best, and this joint effort is no exception. Kuhner evaluated several bag designs for robustness in their 30-day shaking process that were not able to meet the requirements. The Entegris design not only met the need for 30 days of use but was still going strong over 100 days of continuous use.

Producing a bag that accommodates a large footprint for Kuhner’s bioreactor required specific considerations, including the many different types of filters, end treatments, sensors, tubing diameters as well as final packaging for shipment and sterilization by gamma irradiation. By customizing with the client to meet critical process needs, we collaborated with Kuhner to meet critical process needs.

Our specialties include the following:

  • Both large- and small-scale specialized applications in 50 L, 100 L, 200 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 2500 L
  • Expertise in gamma irradiation and deployment
  • Full quality support including E&L
  • Our environment is core to our values and is factored into all aspects of what we do including life cycle, factory design energy and water used
  • Custom assemblies

Customizable 3D multilayer bioprocess assemblies are ideal for medium to large, single-use biopharmaceutical applications.

  • Process driven design and engineering allows personalized, timely, and knowledgeable attention throughout the collection, design, and ordering process
  • Customizable system design provides design flexibility and allows the system to fit the process rather than the process adapt to the system
  • Standard design library enables quick access to standard products, providing consistently fast development and delivery while minimizing the risk of production delays
  • Rigid bioprocess support containers are available for mixing, processing, storing, and transporting large volumes of solutions

Learn more about how we can help with your custom single-use needs.

Entegris partners with Kuhner AG to provide a large volume, 3D bioreactor bag assembly for their 2500 L bioprocessing shaker. This partnership gives customers a sustainable, flexible, single-use solution.



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