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Join Entegris at SEMICON West 2020 Virtual Event

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Join Entegris at SEMICON West 2020 Virtual Event

Entegris is excited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SEMI by coming together for the landmark virtual event to reaffirm our commitment to creating unique value for our customers and partners.

We hope to see you at our virtual exhibit, and we invite you to join our talk at the SEMI Smart Mobility Forum, where Wenge Yang, VP of market strategy, will present the ‘New Collaborative Approach.’ Learn about the new model of engagement that targets contamination control to improve automotive defectivity and reliability.

Throughout the week, Entegris will also be offering a series of free live discussions, including the following live keynote presentations:

Live Keynote Presentations:

Entegris Technology Forum: Acceleration of the Materials Era
July 21, 2020 I 3:00 - 4:00 PM PST

The semiconductor industry is predicted to be one of the fastest growing industries post-pandemic, with all segments benefiting from the accelerated demand. Join Entegris SVP and Chief Technology Officer, Jim O’Neill for a discussion on the increasing materials intensity in the era of EUV, vertical scaling, automotive, and more.REGISTER NOW!

Entegris Supply Chain Forum
July 22, 2020 I 3:00 - 4:00 PM PST

In the face of a global pandemic and explosive growth of industry megatrends, semiconductor fabricators are navigating complex and novel challenges to ensure a reliable and sustainable supply chain. Join Neil Richards, SVP global operations and supply chain, and Sandy Gauthier, VP global supply management for a discussion on navigating supply chain challenges and ensuring customer continuity.


For more live events and/or information, please
visit our event site. We look forward to connecting soon!

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Congratulations to Our 2020 Inventors and IP Award Winners!

To keep pace with the global demand and the rapid advancements in technology, the microelectronics industry depends heavily on innovating new solutions and processes to enable accelerated device production and performance. At Entegris, we are very proud to honor nearly 200 employees from our global technical community for their inventions and contributions to our intellectual property in 2020.

Precision Engineered Techniques for Coating Plasma Chamber Components

Migration from 2D to 3D structures for high-density memory devices changes the nature of etching and deposition processes, especially as the number of layers for 3D NAND integration grows to 96 and beyond, and new process chemistries become commonplace. The greater number of lengthy processing steps and high aspect ratio (HAR) features involved place new demands on all steps of the chip manufacturing process, including etching, deposition, and cleaning equipment. Consistent process stability becomes harder to achieve.

Transitioning from Predictable to Pervasive Defectivity

Most equipment and process engineers become experts at analyzing a wafer map to quickly identify signatures indicating when their equipment or process was the perpetrator of a maverick yield event. But as defect signatures become more subtle and harder to quickly identify, there is a significant need to consider not just what in-line inspection systems are identifying, but specifically what they are not identifying.