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How to Increase Speed to Market by Outsourcing Your Process Verification and Application Testing

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How to Increase Speed to Market by Outsourcing Your Process Verification and Application Testing

The great resignation, retirement, and an increase in remote work have caused instability across every industry, this is especially true in cell and gene therapy. Getting critical therapies to market has been increasingly difficult due to the high demand for team members with experience in this area, so what can companies do to help combat this?

Option 1: Look Internally

Can the role be filled by an existing team member? Even if a candidate doesn’t check all the job requirements, can they be upskilled enough to be successful? Developing internal candidates who are already dedicated to your business, have institutional knowledge, and an existing network can be an effective way to achieve your corporate goals. Investments in personnel training and career development can lead to increased retention and morale, not to mention hefty cost savings. The employment market has never been more challenging, so while looking internally may not be an option for everyone, it’s worth considering.

Option 2: Hire Externally

This ties back to our original point. Right now, is a very challenging time to find someone, let alone someone who is an expert in cell and gene therapy and the specific area within that where you need help. If you find them, can you afford them and how long will they stay? Many companies are using the new-found ability to work remotely to hire the best talent regardless of where they are located geographically. This may be the best option, but keep in mind, waiting around for the best candidate will likely take 6-9 months or longer.

Option 3: Use the experts who have a space designed for this

We understand that most cell and gene therapy companies do not want to internalize specialized contract development and validation resources, and that’s where Entegris excels. We can partner with you to help develop solutions quickly on your behalf. With guidance from our team of freezing paradigm agnostic experts, we take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and get your performance testing started faster. As the exclusive provider of configured freeze/thaw applications testing, we are backed by our significant investments in skilled people and technology to ensure our customers can be successful. We do this through the following:

  • Life Sciences Technology Center built to leverage our expertise to help partners optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase speed to market
  • Single-use solutions configured from a pre-selected set of options with proven outcomes
  • Optimizing total cost of ownership for customers through right-sized solutions configured to match the current and future development stages
  • We can show you the ROI and help you engage with stakeholders, ensuring questions get answered and solutions meet expectations

Entegris is the only place where you can get ready access to testing and verification support for freeze/thaw processes, which enables you to do what you do best, make therapeutics. Our configured system solutions maximize the value for your commercial process, while delivering:

  • Optimized total cost of ownership
  • Reduced risk of potential product loss
  • Faster and simpler implementation

Learn more about how Entegris has effectively helped customers achieve successful outcomes and how we can help your validation process.

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