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Entegris and HOF begin Partnership to bring Added Value to Biopharm Bulk Drug Substance, Cold Storage, and Transport

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Entegris and HOF begin Partnership to bring Added Value to Biopharm Bulk Drug Substance, Cold Storage, and Transport

Entegris is proud to announce a new relationship with HOF Sonderanlagenbau GmbH, an international provider of freeze/thaw equipment and special solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Entegris offers the best-in-class Aramus™ bag for robust cold storage and transport. 

Collaborating with HOF enables Entegris to offer a combined solution for our customers that accelerate the freeze/thaw process and help showcase our new Life Sciences Technology Center, built to offer customers the opportunity to leverage our cold-chain supply expertise to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

Having the HOF freeze/thaw unit placed within the Life Science Technology Center enables our customers the possibility of finding the best available solution for their individual process. This partnership increases our leading position in the market and facilitates US-based customers getting in touch with our equipment and identifying their unique single-use solution.

Our new Life Sciences Technology Center, located in Billerica, MA, will feature HOF freezers and offers life sciences customers the opportunity to leverage our expertise on cold-chain supply challenges to optimize processes, reduce costs, and increase speed-to-market. The world-class laboratory brings our tools and technologies together in one place, where customers can test equipment for freeze/thaw processes to determine which products best fit their needs.

We have developed a broad component ecosystem that can be configured to manage the most demanding process needs, and we’re excited to maximize the freeze/thaw benefits for the customer in our new partnership with HOF Freezers.


We invite you to our Life Sciences Technology Center Open House during BioProcess International, September 27-30.

Explore our cold-chain equipment, talk to our freeze/thaw experts, and learn how we can help you make the right choices to achieve your goals.

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