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Discussion of Freeze/Thaw Workflows

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Discussion of Freeze/Thaw Workflows

Meet Regulatory Requirements to Ensure Patient Safety

Developing and validating a robust freeze/thaw process while meeting regulatory guidelines is a multifaceted challenge. The demand for cold chain processes and operations for biopharma products is increasing due to scaling of complex therapeutics, a challenging global supply chain, and growing shipping complexities. Ensuring compliance throughout the product journey is integral to mitigating risk for product loss and contamination.

inline-flow-chart-12368-1200x233The cold chain process can be explained in terms of:

  • Fill: Automating or manually delivering your solution
  • Freeze: Cooling down your solution by blast or plate freezer, this is also critical for thawing since biologics are temperature sensitive.
  • Store: Both bags and bottles are typical solutions for storing high-value products.
  • Transfer and Ship: Product withstanding temperature, vibration, and movement during travel is critical in terms of preserving product aseptic boundaries and eliminating the possibility of product loss. 
  • Thaw: In many cases, the same freezers that are used to freeze are also used to thaw. The biggest change during this step is proving drug reliability since biologics are temperature sensitive.
  • Transfer: Manual movement of product is a potential point of failure. Using a facility trolly is a next logical step but it is important to understand how this fits within your process regarding safety, staffing, and stability.
  • Dispense: Contamination is the major concern, but with the right connectors and single-use solutions, contamination can be prevented. In addition, Aramus™ single-use solutions have the maximum extraction rate of any single-use system (SUS) at 99%.

Safety, purity, and efficacy are critical product quality attributes that are protected with a validated freeze/thaw workflow. Customers need controlled, consistent, and scalable solutions to sustain those critical attributes. The greatest risks during sensitive freeze/thaw process are:

  • Protein degradation
  • Protein aggregation
  • Cryoconcentration
  • Ice nucleation
  • Container integrity
  • Product contamination

From bottles to stainless steel containers to bags, there are many single-use assemblies that can help protect your product during a freeze/thaw process. Considerations when determining what containment to use in your process:

  • Robustness
  • Multi-use
  • Weight and bulk for shipping
  • Cleaning and validation requirements
  • Low freezer utilization/optimization
  • Leaky seams and tubing
  • Gamma sterilizable

We understand the complexities of single-use solutions for bulk freeze/thaw and transport, and partner with our customers to understand their unique needs. In delivering customized solutions backed by a global infrastructure, customers obtain valuable outcomes. Our world-class Life Sciences Technology Center is dedicated to offering customers access to experts who, with their deep knowledge of testing, equipment, and containment, will guide you through freeze/thaw process optimization strategies.

Learn more about how we can help.

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Entegris is proud to announce a new relationship with Farrar Scientific, by Trane Technologies – a global climate innovator. Farrar offers best-in-class operating systems for ultra-cold temperature storage and controlled rate freeze/thaw chambers for pharmaceutical, biotech, and biorepository applications. Entegris offers the best-in-class Aramus™ bag for robust cold storage and transport. Collaborating with Farrar enables Entegris to offer a combined solution that accelerates the freeze/thaw process. Powered by Trane Technologies, Farrar’s solutions fill an unmet need for large pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers requiring flexible, modular, and efficient ultra-low temperature freeze/thaw processing, as well as -80°C (-112°F) bulk storage reach-ins and -70°C (-94°F) pallet chambers. Farrar’s offerings and monitoring services, which include predictive analytics, provide an alternative to large-scale freezer farms or capital-intensive cold rooms used in the manufacturing of drugs, vaccines, and other biological products. Forced air convection cooling in Farrar’s controlled rate chamber greatly reduces +40˚ to -80˚C (+104° to -112°F) freeze/thaw times from days or weeks to hours, optimizing manufacturing efficiency and improving characteristics such as uniformity and repeatability versus competing technologies."This collaboration is a win-win for the industry,” said Holly Paeper, president, Trane Technologies Life Science Solutions. “Farrar and Entegris solutions jointly represent a step forward in reliability, simplicity, and affordability for end-to-end bioprocessing. We’re excited to discover how we can jointly advance precision temperature technology that helps protect quality and optimizes manufacturing.” Entegris will showcase Farrar’s controlled rate chamber in our new Life Sciences Technology Center in Billerica, MA, which offers life sciences customers the opportunity to leverage our expertise in cold-chain challenges to reduce costs, increase speed to market, and optimize processes. This premier facility brings Entegris’ tools and technologies together in one place, where customers can test equipment for freeze/thaw processes to determine which products best fit their needs. As part of our solutions for manufacturing challenges, we now offer Aramus shaped 2D single-use bags with custom shapes, sizes, and assembly configurations for customers’ space and function requirements. They are resistant to extreme cold temperatures and withstand gamma sterilization, which makes them a preferred solution for freezing, transporting, storing, and thawing drug substances, like COVID-19 vaccines, cell therapies, and gene therapies. “Our new technology center enables our customers to really understand the whole freezing process and optimize it before setting up a new lab of their own,” said John Lynch, vice president, Entegris. “Together with Farrar we are able to provide novel and high-value options for bulk drug freezing.”

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