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COVID-19 Success Story: Delivering Solutions, Protecting People

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COVID-19 Success Story: Delivering Solutions, Protecting People

As a partner, Entegris is continuously developing solutions for our customers’ biggest challenges. An unprecedented pandemic came with a one-of-a-kind challenge: help a leading COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer scale up their process.

Our relationship began years before the pandemic, on the trade show room floor at our booth. The customer was in search of a single-use solution for their unstable MRNA technology. They needed a bag that was nonreactive and tough, and they found it in our Aramus™ 2D single-use bags. After our initial meeting, we rapidly sent them samples to try, which enabled them to validate that these were going to work. We continued to listen to their needs as the relationship evolved, making sure our product fit into their workflow. All this is well and good but it only works if we delivered at every stage.

When the pandemic brought a war-effort level of production, because of the foundation we built, they called on us to be their supplier. And supply we did. From a sample to over 100 thousand bags and counting, we scaled with them. What is even more impactful is how we scaled, finding solutions to their needs through regular communication, becoming a trusted advisor by providing custom solutions including freezer shells, and helping with their validation process. Ramping up our production efforts, successfully growing with our customer, and helping to roll-out one of the greatest vaccination efforts in history is something we are proud of. Our foundation of research, science, technology, and global supply chain experience gave us the tools, and our people put them into action.

Delivering beneficial customer outcomes with optimized freeze/thaw workflow solutions enabled our customer to help vaccinate the world and continue to forge ahead with new solutions. Let us become your trusted partner that provides robust and reliable single-use solutions for bulk drug freeze/thaw storage and transport.

Learn how we can help you scale today.

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