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CMP Defect Control for Bulk Slurry Manufacturing

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CMP Defect Control for Bulk Slurry Manufacturing

The purpose of a CMP process is simple – to planarize the top layer of oxide or metal with an abrasive slurry. Manufacturing the slurry to the exacting standards required by the end user is not easy. To effectively planarize the wafer surfaces, both large and small abrasive particles must be removed prior to being dispensed. Thus, the target is a narrow particle size distribution between 30 and 200 nm to prevent both microscratches and underlayer defects.

In this video Bradley Wood, engineering manager, shares the details of a contamination control strategy to optimize the CMP process.

To effectively meet the narrow particle size distribution for fumed silica, colloidal silica (SiO), ceria (CeO), or alumina (Al2O3) nanoparticles, a solutions-based approach enables all touch points in the supply chain to maintain the quality standards of end users.

To learn more about holistic CMP solutions from Entegris, please visit www.entegris.com/cmp

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